11,144 Pantum Printers Won the Bid of SAT (China State Administration of Taxation) Printer Procurement

June 8th, 2016, China – Pantum has won the bid of SAT (China State Administration of Taxation) Printer Procurement. Totally 11,144 Pantum printers are included.

Government Procedurement-SAT
In the released result of Q2 State Administration of Taxation Printer and Copier Procurement in 2016, Pantum products have been highly appreciated by State Administration of Taxation that 11,144 Pantum printers won this bid in all. It gives a glimpse of a promising future for Pantum’s winning government procurement bids. More and more government procurement programs could be expected. Aiming to consistently provide a fluent and safe printing operation to reach users’ requirement, Pantum will not stop dedicating itself to research and development.

Pantum will be always on the way to bring better printing experience to end users and bigger opportunity to our partners.

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