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September 24, 2012 Super User

Zhuhai, China, 24th September, 2012. As the first anniversary of Pantum was coming, Pantum hold a grand “Target Top Roundtable Meeting” at the Harbour View Hotel & Resort and invited worldwide channel partners to join the conference to share the achievements and experience together.
During the 2 hours’ meeting, the CEO of Pantum gave a warm welcome to all of the attendees and showed great thanks to the efforts that channel partners had made in making Pantum a global brand. The executives of Pantum shared a comprehensive analysis from marketing performance, marketing strategy to product strategy. In just one year from 2011 to 2012, Pantum had expanded its market to Israel, Europe, Russia, Japan, America, South America etc. and had gained great success thanks to solid technical strength, cost advantages of full industrial chains and professional global service systems. To win a better market position, some channel partners also shared their own experience and concerns.
In its first global market Israel, Pantum has ranked the second in Israeli mono laser printer market share. ”Since the launch event in May 2012, Pantum has made all of its efforts in creating brand awareness and capturing significant market share,” said Mr. Alon, channel partner of Pantum in Israel, “nowadays Pantum has covered 23% of the mono laser SF 0-29 ppm market share and second to Samsung. Pantum has showed great potential in Israeli market.”
Gerson Algranati, channel partners of Pantum in Turkey shared his 7 months’ personal experience in using the Pantum printer. “Before deciding to engage business with Pantum, I had been using Pantum printer for over 7 months, what shocked me the most was that I had never experienced the case of paper jamming during my 7 month’s experience. This pushed me to be a channel partner of Pantum.”
With endless pace to advancing forward, “Target Top Roundtable Meeting” shows the Pantum’s unshakeable faith in making Pantum a global brand and targeting top. With its user-friendly, cost-effective, and high quality printing services, Pantum is ready to achieve more in the printing industry.

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