Denim and Diamond: Pantum P3500 Launch in South Africa by KOLOK


April 13th, 2016, Cape Town, South Africa – Pantum South Africa partner, KOLOK launched Pantum P3500 series with an impressing show, Denim and Diamond in Shimmy beach, Cape Town. It was a wonderful evening enjoyed by resellers as well as end users.


Totally 258 guests attended, including government, municipality, Purco (purchasing consortium), enterprise, and the large new procurement accounts. KOLOK had four separate printer stations so that when the resellers or guests arrived they were taken by the KOLOK staff and introduced to the printers.


The Pantum in red really stood out and the SADC market requested to place orders on it. And KOLOK had carved a large elegant ice sculpture of Pantum, which is so eye-catching that many guests took photos with it.



The most exciting part of the main Launch was when the actual launch took place, the set of printers came down from a high roof area just after the dancers had done a special Pantum dance and the floor was illuminated with Pantum in white all over.


As the printers reached eye level, the unveiling took place. KOLOK chromed the 3500 printer and it printed first time, which proved how robust it is. Everyone was impressed. Then the host did a brief speech, and the organizer thanked everyone for the support so far, went through the printers basically and then the dance floor opened and all the guests had a brilliant evening. “It was one of the best KOLOK’s best launches ever so far” quoted from the guests. In the show,

Resellers or end users got much more familiar with the auto-duplex P3500 series printer with large capacity and low CPP that targeted at business users having massive print demand. We believe that this great show will effectively contribute to the sale of the new Pantum P3500 series printers.


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