In the Spotlight: New P3000 Models Unveiled

November 18, 2013 Super User


From entry level single function printers to mid-level and multi-function printers, Pantum is always focused on broadening its product portfolio and makes it a priority to upgrade the current product to meet the business customers’ growing demands.

With the new product concept Business is complicated, printing should be simple”, we want to represent simplicity not only from a functional perspective, but also through product line strategy. Now we would like to share with you the newly upgraded P3000 PCL series product— in order to meet the business users’ requirement, we upgraded the main specifications and simplified the lineup for a better user experience.

Compared to the current P3000 series, the new PCL product includes more than just a new PCL driver and firmware. We also upgraded the controller by adding a faster 350MHz processor with twice the memory, ranging from 64MB to 128MB. The new language will be easily compatible with a variety of office software and will be capable of handling more complicated tasks.

In addition, we are dramatically streamlining our product line strategy to included two models: The P3100DL (Grey, 30ppm duplex with USB) and the P3255DN (Black, 33ppm duplex with networking). Both models will use the PCL language to generate data for the printer. We believe the simplified product strategy will make it easier for channel partner’s inventory stocking levels as well as factory production.

After launching the new PCL product, the current models will be adjusted as follows:


Combined with the current functions—automatic duplexing, networking, a more powerful CPU and memory, the new P3000 PCL products are sure to deliver an outstanding customer experience for the growing SMB and large account market. It will be available to customers worldwide from Nov. 2013.

“Business is complicated, printing should be simple”. Moving forward, we will maintain the simple concept in order to guarantee a more user-friendly printing experience. Because at Pantum, simple is our printers best feature.


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