Luigi Colani designs blueprint for the first created-in-china printer “PANTUM”

July 30, 2012 Super User

Zhuhai, China 30th July. Known as “the 21st century Da Vinci”, German design master Luigi Colani, had a two-day visit to Seine Image International Co. Ltd, and hold an in-depth discussion with Seine’s designers and engineers in the perspective of the design of Pantum printers.

During the two-day’s visiting, Professor Colani acquainted himself with the company’s milestone, product line, features and market situation of pantum printers. Knowing that the achievements that the pantum printers gained in just one year, professor Colani was deeply shocked and wrote down “TT – Target Top” for pantum printer, meanwhile, recognizing pantum as a “super brand”.

Luigi Colani, the Swiss – born German is one of the most famous and disruptive industrial designers and was recognized as “the 21st century Da Vinci”. Most of his works are designed in exaggerated frames thereby promoting the expressions of freedom and humanity. Therefore, Professor Colani has also won a reputation as “Geek Designer”. Early in the 1960s, the “streamline concept” firstly proposed by Luigi Colani had consolidated his master position in the field of industrial design. Professor Colani has once successively designed for Ferrari, Porsche, Benz, BMW, NASA, Canon, Sony etc.

“I prefer more to call myself as a philosopher of the three dimensional image rather than a designer” said Professor Colani. One of his design philosophies was to be humanization. For example, if we want to design a chair, it must be suitable for the human body’s physiological characteristics, and comfortable to be seated on. Pantum printer’s design concept accords with Professor Colani’s humanization philosophy. Being the first created-in-china printers, Pantum broke into the monopolized printing industry with its proprietary property rights, and provides customers with robust, affordable, eco – friendly, reliable products to create a new consumption idea and “the new era for printing”. Aside from its outstanding achievements that have gained, Pantum put much attention on the R&D and innovations of the printers just as what professor Colani commented, “Pantum should continue to have its own patents, and will be sold all over the world. To let more and more enterprise purchase our products, we must continue to do the brand, gain more wealth. It is necessary to study the new technology, new product development.”

“Pantum is a super brand which I admire. Therefore I am here because even super brands have to think about the future.” said professor Colani. With its proprietary core technologies and strong innovation capacity, pantum will find it way to build itself a global brand.

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