Pantum Donated Printers to Earthquake-stricken Area

April 23, 2013 Super User

Pantum announced a donation of printers and toner cartridges worth 500,000 RMB for the earthquake affected area of the southwestern region of China on 20th April. Apart from the massive loss of lives, the jolts have also brought heavy losses of property including huge amount of equipment breakdown including printers – an essential in management of post-disaster.

“As a socially responsible organization, it was our responsibility to offer assistance to the best of our abilities. We have contacted the relevant government agencies and organizations to send the printers to the earthquake-stricken area.” Yang Yun Guo, Domestic Marketing Director of China, said.

Pantum believe that enterprises with high sense of responsibility are an inexhaustible source of strength for social progress. As one common Chinese saying goes, when trouble occurs at one spot, help comes from all quarters .Pantum will continue its efforts to be dedicated to public service and philanthropy.


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