Pantum enters Israel market with strong presence

May 02, 2012 Moscow, Russia


Zhuhai, China, 5th February, 2012.  Pantum launch event in the Israel market was held in Meyerhoff Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. More than 100 attendees including over 40 media, local distributors and retailers attended the launch event.It was also the formal announcement of the establishment of Pantum Israel Ltd, a new company specially set up for Pantum .Jackson Wang, CEO of Seine Technology together with Hu Ming, Commercial Councilor of Embassy of China in Israel attended the event and delivered speeches respectively. Boaz Langerman, VP marketing of  Pantum Israel and key Pantum management hosted the launch event and presented detailed analysis of Pantum printer’s product features and market strategies.

Jackson Wang said, “With several years’ effort, Seine has successfully entered the printer market and become the first printer manufacturer with its own technology in China.” He also expressed that Pantum has strong confidence on market development because of our excellent product advantages although it is new compared to other existing brands,” We hope Pantum printer can soon achieve success in Israel market with Pantum Israel’s outstanding marketing and customer support team.”

”In Israel and around the world, Pantum will offer the customer higher value. We believe in the near future, Pantum will capture its place in both the consumer and the business market. And Seine’s global perception, the extensive and high quality line of products and our team’s proven abilities, will ensure the success of the Pantum brand in Israel.” Boaz Langerman said, “Pantum Israel Ltd. is committed to presenting the promise of the Pantum brand to the Israeli client by providing a professional support team, not by an external entity. And our team has made ready to provide quick solutions to any enquiries that may arise.”

Hu Ming appraised that Pantum’s entry into the Israeli market will definitely help strengthen the development relationship between China and Israel, and he said “I do believe Pantum will have a nice sales in Israel”.
The major local Daily newspaper Maariv and radio station Radio I.B.A. as well as the key IT media Globes IT Magazine in Israeli showed strong interest on Pantum’s enter into Israel market and made special interviews with Jackson Wang after the Launch event. At the same day, Pantum printers started grand selling at the flag stores of Office Depot in Israel with strong presence.

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