Pantum Israel Partner is Running Promotion Campaign

May 23rd, 2016, Israel – Currently, Pantum Israel Partner is running promotion campaign for Pantum auto-duplex printer P3255DN. The campaign includes a special offer wrapping a combination of a duplex P3255DN, free of charge original toner, and a 3-year warranty.

A simple webpage has been made for this campaign. Our partner has done the SEO in Google search for this webpage, too.
Israel Campaign-1

Israel Campaign-2

Both the online and offline promotion are in full swing. Our partner pins Pantum campaign banners onto the top or side area on plenty of the website homepages.

Israel Campaign-3

Israel Campaign-4

Israel Campaign-5

Banners on the top

 Israel Campaign-6

Banner at the side

There are also advertisements published in magazine or newspaper.

Israel Campaign-7 Israel Campaign-8

Our partner in Israel is geared to fast track the sales with all around promotion.

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