Pantum Poland Pulse in April and May

May 31st, 2016, Poland – In the second quarter, Pantum’s partner in Poland, Black Point has realized a vigorous promoting plan, consisting of launching Pantum P2500W and M6550NW in Carrefour stores, attending management meeting of OSAA, one of the top 3 IT alliances in Poland, and along with that, joining the product catalogue 2016 of the Top 3 alliances, OSAA, KBK, and Biuro Plus. Launching Pantum products in Carrefour stores will be a beneficial trigger to the launch to other retail stores such as Komputronik and RTVEuroAGD. The product catalogue will reach end users directly, which extensively makes Pantum and end users closer.


Pantum P2500W and M6550NW are placed on the shelves of Carrefour


Pantum printers presented in management meeting of OSAA

Biuro Plus Catalogue-2

Pantum printers in product catalogue 2016 of OSAA, KBK, and Biuro Plus

Pantum in Pentel stores

Pantum is the only printer product in Pentel stores

Pantum to KBK management

Partner Black Point presenting Pantum in KBK management meeting

* OSAA: One of the TOP 3 IT alliances in Poland, with a mission of offering customers largest benefit with shortest working time, aims to build up a network for companies in office equipment industry to share experience, together with new marketing solution and to cooperate. Their motto is “All for your office”.

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