Pantum Presents China and Latin America Young Entrepreneur Round-table Conference

June 29th, 2016, China – With a topic of new trading cooperation opportunity between China and Latin America, the Young Entrepreneur Round-table Conference was held in Zhuhai, China, on June 19th. There were totally 200 attendees or so in the conference, of which were about 100 people from the Latin American delegation, 30 people from Chinese government, 10 people from media, and 60 people from Chinese enterprises.

Pantum M6600 series, P3500 series and P2500 series were shown on a dedicated stand with Pantum logo and company overview. A lot of enterprises from Latin American delegation showed their interest in Pantum and its printers and hoped for a further contact with Pantum.


Media recording Pantum


One attendee from Latin American delegation taking photo of Pantum printers


A lot of Latin American enterprises showed interest in Pantum printers


One attendee from the Latin American delegation consulting M6600 series MFP


One attendee from the Latin American delegation consulting mobile printing of P2500W


One enterprise from the delegation discussing the Pantum printer function


Pantum gave presents to one of the enterprises from the delegation after communication

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