Pantum South Africa Partner Kolok and Their Partners Visit Pantum Park

April 10th, 2017, Zhuhai, China – Pantum South Africa partner Kolok and their partners visited Pantum Park on April 10th.



During the visit, Pantum hold a welcome ceremony that let all the visitors complete a map puzzle on a signing board together, and then sign their names on it.




Next the visitors were shown around Pantum exhibition hall and factory. After that, Pantum hold a conference to introduce Pantum and Pantum products to the partners. Pantum products M7200FDW, P3300DW, and P3500DW were displayed in the conference for partners to try to operate. Pantum product team would answer the questions raised by them at once.




We had a free discussion at the end of the conference to make sure that partners would know what they would like to know about Pantum’s plan for product, business model, and cooperation. Finally Pantum and the partners expressed appreciation to each other for all the effort in the past and wished further cooperation and growth in the future.



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