Pantum’s first global sales meet held successfully in Zhuhai

April 10, 2013 Super User

Zhuhai, China, during April 10 –12,2013, Pantum International successfully organized its first global sales meet in Zhuhai. Sales directors and representatives across regions like Asia-Pacific, EU, MEA, North America and Latin America attended the three-day sales meet.


Jackson Wang, CEO of Pantum International  summed up with a future expectation


Senior Vice President, Alex Li presented the welcome address


The event also saw participation from all functional departments along with the sales teams at this interactive three-day meet. The first day focused largely on functional departments which included marketing, financial, operation, human resource etc. followed by sales update on the second day. Sales directors from various geographies shared detailed updates on Q1 targets and achievements and Q2 plan with key strategies. The event culminated successfully on the third day with team discussions and presentation. During the three-day meet, all attendees were actively involved in group discussions which resulted in team bonding and effective communication between regions.


Group Discussion triggers great ambitions of Pantum International to be moving forward


The CEO of Pantum international, Jackson Wang commented: “I think the team has been working hard and made great progress in the past one year. Everyone contributed and played a vital role. Based on the three-day informative discussion and past one year’s achievements, we are confident and believe that we are on the correct path in building a global brand —PANTUM. ”


Pantum Group


A teambuilding activity and gala dinner for all attendees were organized on the last day to celebrate the successful conclusion of this meet. The success of the first global sales meet helped us clarify and understand our strategy which has further resulted in the development of our global sales.


Team Building

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