President of the Russian, Vladimir Putin has given a Pantum printer to a boy as a gift

September 26th, 2016, Russia – Have you ever dreamed of having a gift from your President? President of the Russian, Vladimir Putin has made such dream of a 12 year old Novosibirsk boy come true. 4632f30e2e66062fa68508bc36e5fb0e045805bb_700

Maxim Chernov received a computer and a Pantum printer from President Putin

Maxim Chernov, a talented boy who has actively attended various school activities and competitions, is the champion of Russian (language) competition, environment competition and the Russian middle school Olympic competition. 4cc85107334fe350395ae4aa3fc4d455088fe2bc_700

Local government giving the present to Maxim Chernov

He wrote a mail to President Putin, hoping to receive a computer as a gift from him. In August, Maxim sent out the mail with the help of his grandmother, and surprisingly, he received reply two weeks later through the local government, saying that President Putin would help him realize his dream! Finally, the local government bought him a computer and a P2500 Series Pantum printer, which is suitable for home users as presents. You might be surprised that instead of traditional printer products from US or Japan, the local government selected Pantum, a young brand based in China. But actually, many people in Russia are already familiar with Pantum since that Pantum printers have been launched in lots of main chain stores in Russia. You are able to buy the cost-effective single function and multifunction Pantum family products in many stores.


It’s really touching and we hope that the Pantum printer together with the computer will be of great help for Maxim Chernov no matter in daily life or study.

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