Spicers and Pantum greet dealers

October 25, 2012 Super User

In conjunction with Spicers, Pantum organized a dealer meeting in UK on 25th October 2012 where over 40 dealers across the spectrum participated. Dealers were greeted with an opening address from Pantum’s CEO, Jackson Wang, who took them through the company’s history, expertise and vision. Mr. Wang also touched upon the importance of dealers like Spicers to help Pantum understand the local markets of UK and Ireland and plan business expansion accordingly

“It was great to see such enthusiasm from the dealer community about a new launch product, solely available to our channel” said Alan Ball CEO of Spicers.

“Through structured price support and marketing initiatives, dealers have a unique opportunity to maximise their sales and margin without facing the usual market-wide aggressive competition that often drives the price of product down immediately.

“We want to build a network of partners across the UK and Ireland on Pantum who demonstrate the energy and commitment to help us establish the brand and mutually grow our Technology sales.”

Pantum’s new products will be available through Spicers from early November. At release, products will be backed by added-value consumer promotional activity to help establish trial and confidence in this new brand.

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