The Annual Output of Seine Technology Will Reach 10 Billion in 5 Years

January 19, 2013 Super User

Zhuhai, China 15th August. On the forum held in Zhuhai China on major achievements and technological applications of the core electronic devices, high-end universal chips and basic software products. Seine Technology, the first created-in-china printer manufacture is going to reach its annual output for 10 billion RMB in the next 5 years.

It was not until the December of the 2010 that Chinese enterprises have never found their status on printer industry because of the lack of core technologies. No more than 20 months later, the first “created-in-china” laser printer with proprietary core technologies filed the gape of the market and made successful launch into the Middle East, Russian, European and Japanese market.

“Over the past two decades, the antecedent multinational corporations have possessed core technologies of printers which can hardly be mastered by Chinese enterprises because of hundreds and thousands of patents that have been filed. Those enormous patents have built up a big barrier to the new comers to enter the market. Meanwhile, the big players make profits by selling printers at zero or even at a loss, while selling supplies at an exaggerated price to monopolize the market. Despite that there are domestic famous brands previously; In fact, they are White-box or OEM, ODM factories” Says Professor Ding Li, the chief engineer of Zhuhai Seine Technology Co., LTD.

In December, 2010, Seine had successfully launched its PANTUM laser printer with its own proprietary core technologies. Just ten months later, PANTUM announced its oversea launch and the release of its new multi-functional printer (MFP). February 2012, the launch event in Israel officially signifies PANTUM printers’ operation in the Middle East market. In July, the local launch event hosted in Moscow indicated the entrance of the Russian market.

Earlier before, through the “University-Industry” collaboration platform, strategic partnerships and dedications to technological innovations, Seine Technology had built up two strong industry chains. One is the Laser consumables Industrial cluster gathered by 175 companies in Zhuhai, 58 businesses in Shenzhen, 50 enterprises in Zhongshan,33 companies in Dongguan and Jiangmen. Seine also developed “University-Industry” collaboration platform with Dalian University of Technology and pushed forward the development of more than 300 companies. The other industry cluster is consisted by 175 companies in Zhuhai, 68 companies in Shenzhen, 55 enterprises in Zhongshan and 37 companies in Dongguan who are dealing with laser printer related business which helps the blossom of more than 500 enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region. What’s more, the company corporates with Dalian University of Technology, Wuhan University and Zhejiang University to develop new technology.

“After the formation of dedicated laser printer software, the integrated circuit industry chain and the functional polymer imaging conductive new materials industry, our annual industry output will be expected to reach 10 billion RMB in the next 5 years. Meanwhile, it will push forward the prosperous of a larger Chinese printing industry chain” Says Jackson Wang, CEO of the Seine Technology.

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