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Code input query
Please tear off the surface layer of the anti-counterfeiting label and enter the 16-character anti-counterfeiting code in the query box to perform anti-counterfeiting inspection.*
Enter verification code*
For the inspection method of the anti-counterfeiting mark
1.Please use water to smear the “Pantum” in the grey area of the anti-counterfeiting mark. When “Pantum” touches the water, it will disappear temporarily. After the water dries, the “Pantum” will be reappeared;
2.Please use a colored water pen to smear the “Pantum” in the grey area of the anti-counterfeiting mark, keep it there after wiping the extra ink.

Warm reminder:
Each anti-counterfeiting code can only be queried once. If the number of system queries you purchased does not match your actual situation or the product's anti-counterfeiting mark has been verified, please contact the official customer service.
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