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Pantum Sales Tour in Thailand


May 10th, 2016, Thailand – Pantum’s Thailand partner, Ideal Supply has been on a sales tour to every corner of Thailand recently.

Aiming to launch Pantum printers in as many stores in Thailand as possible, our partner, Ideal Supply has started its tour to visit plenty of potential stores, dealers or service providers. Our partner brought Pantum printers to the target stores or dealers one by one, showing them how to operate the printers in details, such as mobile printing and toner exchange, and offer technical trainings to them at the same time. He connected stores step by step and his effort made a big success! About 50 stores have joined the partnership and been selling Pantum printers so far. The number is still increasing.

Ideal Supply-Strongest Team

Preparation-Get Ready for Sales Tour

Training for Dealers

Consumable Stores

SMB End Users-Show Operation e.g. Mobile Printing

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