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Pantum in RemaxWorld Expo-Efficiently Connected to the World


October 15th, 2016, China – With the completion of the RemaxWorld Expo 2016, Pantum has a step forward in the connection to the world. In Pantum’s booth, P2500, P3500, M6600, M6550, M6500 and the new product with separate drum and toner, P3300 were exhibited to the visitors. The printers attracted a bunch of visitors from all over the world. Pantum staff answered their questions patiently and introduced the features and function of our products together with solutions to them. Pantum had prepared brochures, catalogues and gifts for the visitors. Most of them had a fully discussion on the industry and the products and exchanged their contacts to build up a following connection after the Expo. The visitors passing by stopped for us continuously and even till the last minute before the end of the Expo, several visitors came and asked some questions on our printers, showing their interests on them and sharing their business cards to Pantum staff.

Exhibiting Pantum printers and cartridges

Visitors came to Pantum’s booth continuously

Showing Pantum high speed duplex P3500

Visitors studying Pantum 3in1 M6550

Visitors reading and discussing Pantum product catalogue

Introducing the Pantum 3in1 M6550

Answering the questions on Pantum high speed duplex P3500

Listening to visitor’s requirements

Visitors sharing his opinions

Communicating on products and solutions

Discussing on the new Pantum product with separate drum and toner

Exchanging the contacts

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